2003 Isuzu GiGA CXY385 with a LARGE FASSI CRANE **IN CERT UNTIL 12/2019 + A 7.75M TRAY

Brand: Isuzu
Stock # 9818

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1 x only 04 / 2003 Isuzu GiGA CXY385 (6x4) – on airbag rear suspension, turbo / intercooled, 385hp, 18 speed manual with an alloy bulbar and a UHF radio.  24,000kg GVM.  510,000 klms.  Fitted with a 2003 Fassi F170A.22 REAR MOUNTED crane (2 x hydraulic extensions) within it’s current certification period unitl 3/12/2019, a steel tray (Internally approx 7.75m L x Overall 2.49m W) inc container pins (twist locks), 6 x load binders, a beacon, an under-body toolbox and dual fuel tanks.  Also fitted with a Ring-Feeder towbar & air trailer brakes. 

Stock # 9818 

Fassi F170A.22 crane specs;

7,850kg @ 2.00m

3,720kg @ 4.30m

2,580kg @ 6.10m

1,955kg @ 8.05m

Used Truck
Cab Size Single Cab
Model CXY385
Year 2003
Transmission Manual
Transmission Range 18 Speed
Odometer Reading 510,000 klms
GVM 24,000kg GVM
Fuel Type Diesel