2013 Isuzu FSR850 Premium AMT with a HIAB 077 CRANE INC A RE-CERT + A NEW 8.0M TRAY

Brand: Isuzu
Stock # 10124

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1 x only 10 / 2013 Isuzu FSR850 Premium AMT – 7.8 litre, turbo / intercooled, SiTEC235hp, 6 speed Automated Manual Transmission with air conditioning.  14,000kg GVM166,000 klms.  Fitted with a 1 x only 2006 Hiab 077 B3 Duo knuckle crane – with 3 x hydraulic extensions – Crane to have a re-certification by Midcoast Trucks (valid for a period of 5 years from date of re-cert).  To also be fitted with a NEW Midcoast Trucks steel tray (Approx 8.0m L x overall 2.5m W) with a 3mm thick steel checker-plate floor.  Stock # 10124

Hiab 077 B3 Duo knuckle crane specs;

2,200kg @ 2.9m

1,680kg @ 3.8m

1,140kg @ 5.4m

   800kg @ 7.3m

   640kg @ 9.2m

 – (Note:  Example photos only for illustration purposes.  Vehicle is currently being fitted with it’s new tray + 06’ crane etc – will take orders before completion)

Used Truck
Cab Size Single Cab
Model FSR850 Premium AMT
Year 2013
Transmission Automated Manual Transmission
Transmission Range 6 Speed
Odometer Reading 166,000 klms
GVM 14,000kg GVM
Fuel Type Diesel