Refrigerated Pantech & Curtainsider

Ex Tax: $5,000.00
Stock # M10180

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Why Buy New when you can refurbish and save money?

When you can have a ready made insulated refrigerated Pantech,front side and a Curtain Side Back Side

REFRIGERATED SECTION (Internally approx 1.53m L x 1.15m W x 2.05m H – divided into 2 x sections) + a ‘dry goods’ curtainsider section (Internally approx 5.36m L x 2.39m W x 2.25m H), ‘suspended’ gates.

 2,000kg rated DHollandia stand-up tailgate loader.

***Please note Customers responsibility to organise pickup and transport of Body from Mid Coast Trucks***
***Please Note Price is for Truck Body Only***Does not Include Truck***
More Photos to Come Please contact Gavin 0417111387