• 1 x only 01 / 2007 Isuzu FSR700 – on airbag rear suspension - 7.8 litre, turbo / intercooled, SiTEC220hp, 6 speed manual with air conditioning, a 2-way radio, a reverse camera and an alloy bullbar.  11,990kg GVM.  205,000 klms.  Fitted with a PROMOTIONAL / MOBILE DISPLAY / MOBILE SHOWROOM / – ENCLOSED BODY – inc a 24 volt circuit breaker box, a volt-metre, a Promac Tradie Generator 6.8KVA, powered by a 13HP Torini GTO68E petrol motor, chair-lift and stairs, a microwave, some shelves / benches, air cond in body, power inlets, stabilizer legs with levelling device inc remote, Dorma locking system, handrails, storage space underbody, various windows & various lights and a stereo system in body. STOCK # 10672 Body is professionally designed & manufactured by SVM (QLD) Could be an ideal mobile sales showroom / service truck / mobile leaning centre / mobile hydraulics service vehicle / breakdown vehicle etc $250,000 ..

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