•  x only NEW Vawdrey 2017 drop deck ‘B’ semi-trailer – 13.7m long with TRI AXLE on Vawdrey Fuwa  drum  brake  axles  &  Vawdrey  Weweler  underslung  AIR SUSPENSION.  Fitted  with gate  pockets,  forklift/pallet  jack  rated  3mm  steel  chequer  plate  floor,  twist locks  to  suit 1x20’,  2x20’  &  1x40’  containers,  twist lock  pedestal,  pedestal  storage,  toolbox,  water tank,  hydraulic  BI—FOLD rear  ramps,  spare  wheel  carrier,  winch  track,  11  winches,  front  &  rear load racks.   ..

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